Valentine's Day

A guide to your perfect Valentine’s day in Prague

Are you and your other half coming to Prague for Valentine’s day? Well, congratulations because you’re going to spend some amazing time in one of the most beautiful and dreamiest cities in Europe. If you don’t have any plans yet, you can read this guide to find some inspiration.

Charles Bridge

First of all, I should warn you. Valentine’s day is not a Czech tradition and many people are not super excited about it. On the other hand, there are some great opportunities for couples or singles as well.

I know that I’m repeating myself, but if you can, try to get up early and go to the Charles Bridge before sunrise (which is at 7:16 am on February 14th). I promise that this is one of the most romantic things you can see in Prague. In addition, there are almost no tourists at that time.



So, the sunset is over, and you are freezing cold and hungry. I suppose it is time for breakfast. I would like to say that there is something like a traditional Czech breakfast, but not really. (Maybe rohlík with butter and ham, but it is not romantic)! If you want to make that day fancy, go to a good café or restaurant.

Here are 5 tips to good places my friends and I collected for you:

  • Kavárna Tvoje máma is a little further away from the city centre, but it has 4,7 stars on Google Maps, so it is definitely worth a visit
  • losklaros recommends the Golden egg fast food, which is a great place for everyone who loves eggs
  • Another friend, @eliskastradova, recommended Monolok cafe
  • Kavárna Pražírna is another tip that comes from @kristy.prochazkova
  • @prezident_punkovejch_statu is not the only one who recommends Coffee Corner

Check this map to see all of our favourite breakfast places in Prague:


10 activities you can do in Prague on Valentine’s day

After breakfast, it’s time for some exploring. There are so many amazing things and places you can do and see in Prague, but I tried to pick the ones that I personally would love to do on Valentine’s day if I was a foreigner in Prague.

Boat cruise

There are many boat companies that have a special Valentine’s day offer with cruise and dinner. However, if you don’t want to spend much time or money on it, you can go on a traditional sightseeing cruise in Prague. It takes about 50 minutes and you will have an opportunity to see the city and its famous monuments: Prague Castle, Hradčany, Petřín Tower or Charles Bridge from a different point of view.

Tip #1
If you want even more unique experience outside the main boat corridors, try Prague Venice (Pražské Benátky).

Tip #2
If you want a discount on your boat trip, buy your tickets through Slevomat

I know that there are some cities (Budapest) where they have public transportation boats where you can go through the same route for much cheaper. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Prague. There are 5 public transportation ferries, but none of them goes through the city centre.

Boat cruise in Prague


I know this is extremely original, but the Prague Zoo is an amazing place to go to if you love animals. They will raise entrance fees in February, but they will also donate more money to the programmes that protect wild animals.

Opening times
Prague zoo is only open from 9 am to 4 pm in February.

Botanic garden

From 6 to 9 pm, you can visit the Prague Botanic Garden and have a night-time walk in the Fata Morgana glasshouse. Sounds like a perfect place to go. Reservation is needed.


This is probably my favourite one. It can be perfectly cold outside on Valentine’s day. Therefore, I would go to the spa. There are so many choices, you can go to aquapark or a cheaper waterpark with sauna and a whirlpool. Some hotels and fitness centres offer their spa to the public as well.

Tip #3
You can go to a private spa – just for you two. However, if you want this, don’t wait and make your reservation as soon as possible.

There is also a spa world called Saunia where you can take a break and relax.


Have a photoshoot

Have you ever heard about these guided tours with a photographer? Sounds like a great idea to me. Someone is going to guide you through the city, and in addition, they will take some romantic pictures for you.

Or, you can simply find a photographer that would spend a few hours with you. Pictures are a beautiful form of memories, and local photographer might also take you to hidden places that you would never find by yourself.

Eat some more food

You know what they say: “love goes through the stomach”. And I agree.

  • Hájek & Hájková: If you have time and you have a sweet tooth, visit my favourite cake shop called Hájek & Hájková, but don’t be surprised if they are busy. Locals love this place.
  • You can also go to the famous Crème de la Crème for ice cream (I don’t know, maybe it’s going to be a sunny day).
  • Or try a delicious hot chocolate at Choco Café. @elis.burdova also recommends Chocafe.
  • Artic Bakehouse: This is actually an Icelandic bakery at Újezd, but their Love balls are my guilty pleasure. And they perfectly fit with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Romantic walk

Take some time to explore Prague in depth by walk. You can use this guide to take you through some fantastic places.

A romantic walk around Prague
A romantic walk around Prague

A different angle: Prague towers

When I travel to a new city, I love to see it from above. If that’s your case too, you should definitely go to see Prague from one or more towers. Take a beautiful walk up to the Petřín Hill and see the city from the top of the Petřín Tower.

My other favourite tower is the Old Town Hall Tower. You can walk upstairs or use an elevator. From the tower, you can see the Old Town Square and some other parts of the city. Last time, I went there at night and it was absolutely perfect.

Night view from the Prague Old Town Hall Tower
Night view from the Prague Old Town Hall Tower

Have some fun

There are so many things you can do in Prague. If you like sports, go to the trampoline park. If you like driving, do some go-carting. Or go to the cinema.

Enjoy some culture

Winter means a ball season in the Czech Republic. Try to find some interesting dancing activities or balls around the city. However, you need to dress up properly for these!

A theatre or concert sounds great too. RockOpera, for example, has a Romeo & Juliet show, but they have very few tickets left. If you are both ok with it, go to a burlesque show.


Time for a dinner

         At this point, you probably can’t be surprised that I have another set of food tips, this time for dinner. I’m pretty sure that you can find many romantic restaurants with complicated and expensive Valentine’s day menus by yourself. If you don’t want anything extra, but some good food and beer, check these:

  • Joy Burger Stake House
  • Na Kopci (Michelin Bib Gourmand Award)
  • Pizzeria Ristorante Di Carlo
  • Andělský pivovar
  • Potrefená husa
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